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Easy Fuel
Fleet Fuel Control (Easy Fuel)

Easy Fuel is a wireless fuel management system which is almost maintenance free and easy-to-install. it is the latest development in FMS solutions. it is a total solution. Righttrack is already operating the system with Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus (EKO) and with potential to expand to European Countries and Middle East. The System is also implemented in a very large scale in North America. Our experience in collaboration with established suppliers and our own high calibre development team located in Cyprus provides security and flexibility. We are facing client's demands and meeting their requirements.

General Advantages
 * Authorizes fueling only with the correct fuel grade
 * Automated data processing and extensive reporting to fleet operator
 * It provides a secure method to authorise payment, collect data, and generate reports from information gathered during refuelling
 * It simplifies the fuelling and payment process for oil companies, fleet operators and retail customers

Benefits to Oil Companies
 * Builds loyalty with fleet companies by signing long-term contracts through Fleet Fuel Control, while offering loyalty programs to retail customers
 * Achieves a competitive advantage with leading-edge technology, enhancing your company's image
 * Provides 24-hour fueling wihtout the need for attendants

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